In January I embarked on a new writing project and challenged myself to write a poem twice a week. I hadn't written any poetry since middle school, but I wanted to to use this departure as an opportunity to help with some of my craft. I can be overlong winded as a writer, and poetry seemed like a way that I could refine my skill of creating vivid details, but in a more condensed form. I submitted the resulting poetry to Full Bleed, which they promptly but politely rejected. 
I also reworked several of the poems into non-fiction flash and submitted them to Brevity. Those submissions are currently "Pending."
Finally, this month the Boston Globe released an article regarding the Lynn Jennings sex abuse case. I wrote an Op-Ed as a response as the originally reporting seemed overly sympathetic to Jennings' abuser, and also missed some of the finer points of why these cases cannot be prosecuted. The Globe declined to publish my Op-Ed, but if you want to read it, it is available by clicking below. 

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